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Holiday with my girl VR

4 usd

Travel with the girl of your dreams to an island paradise. The hottest and refreshing experience made for google cardboard and other virtual reality devices. Hyper-realistic experiences feelings with your virtual girlfriend.Your girl is waiting to accompany her, relax and enjoy with her.
You can:✔ Sunbathing on a beautiful beach.✔ Walk in your boat.✔ Walk the edge of the beach together and discover secret places.✔ Relax your body with a bath in a hot tub overlooking the sea.✔ Look at night the stars and moon from a romantic cottage sea front.✔ Rest and sleep very stuck together. You choose to do.
★★★★★ Manga style graphics with realistic scenarios.★★★★★ Sensual music ideal for awakening love and passion.★★★★★ New system of motion for virtual reality, come to your girlfriend and discover all its secrets.★★★★★ Not required gamepad, using only your view.
Are you going to miss this trip to paradise?
You can use it with any device virtual reality: Google Cardboard, SVR Glass, Durovis Dive, VR One,ImmersiON­VRelia, Go4D VR, Refugio3D, vrAse, Homido, Lakento MVR, etc.
High performance prossesing is required for executing this application. More than Nexus 5.Please note this experience requires a higher end smart phone otherwise the VR head tracking may be slow due to the high definition graphics.